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Avoidable and unavoidable situation

Avoidable and unavoidable situation

Top 4 Steps to Say ‘No’ to Alcohol
Most drinkers in our immediate social circles are self-proclaimed ‘social drinkers’ which essentially means that they’d touch a drink only when they’re socially engaging with people. Also, years of research and common sense puts humans in the category of ‘social animals. So, where exactly does one draw the line? It’s easy to get swayed by peer pressure or the temptation to try only once. But if you’ve got a strong will and the right trick up your sleeve, you’d know exactly where do draw the line. So, let’s find out some basics to help you avoid that drinks or drugs that you didn’t want. 

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 1. ‘Jesus won’t take the wheel, you will’ 
A trick right from the history books, but effective to this day; no sane person will pressurize a person to drink and drive. Not only the fact that it’s illegal but using this excuse will also reflect your peers how responsible you are; that it is a mature and wise characteristic. Also, if you’re out with a group, simply volunteer to drive. No one wants to be the driver, apart from the non-drinker, use that advantage to your liking. 
 2. Avoid the Alcoholics Synonyms 
 Think about it like this, if a person who dislikes loud noises, go to a death metal concert? Similarly, if you’re trying to avoid situations to get wasted again, simply avoid the locations that will make it likely? Clubs? Bars? Wine-tasting? Call in a rain-check and go for that coffee, ice-cream and wholesome dinner instead. The absence of a hangover the next morning is a real cherry on the pie. 
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3. “I don’t drink” 
 Being different pays dividends. Sometimes being straight up about your reasons is the best way forward. Most people are occupied with their own problems, needs and want that if you’ve got a persistent and constant reluctance towards alcohol, people will eventually shy away. Having a simple yet firm stand against alcoholism is not only easy but also an admirable choice.

And to be honest, it isn’t the worst cause to get behind, with thousands of people losing their lives to this addiction, to families being destroyed, if you really dwell into the background of the alcohol industry, the dark side is compelling enough to make anyone go against the cause. 

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 4. “Feel Free to Act Out” 
 “Do you not understand what ‘no’ means?”. Well of course one does, everyone knows what a ‘no’ means but sometimes it is simply convenient to send the message loud and clear. Most people will give up on asking you to have that drink after a simply smile ridden ’no’ but it is the remaining lot that makes it their business. 

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To those who forget the limits of influence, sometimes acting out is the only way to go. If you’re a fun and easy-going person in your day to day dealings, then acting out on a specific issue like this, is justified. This only sends a strong and clear message to your peers that you are not one to be easily influenced. Be ready to be firm, have a slight debate or even walk out. 

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that the social animal uses social drinking as a cloak to cover its addiction. But what makes us different from the non-social animals is to do things that aren't natural, that go beyond the usual. Attaining sobriety is a long and tough battle, depending on your dependence to alcohol. What helps, however, is a strong will and clear focus. 

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Author: Rajan Tiwari
Date: 03 Sep 2019

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