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Easy U-Turn to quite alcoholism

Easy U-Turn To Quite Alcoholism

Alcoholism: Bottom’s Down


All of us know at least one person who has dealt with or currently deals with a problem of alcoholism. Alcohol was not always something society approved of. But in the last century or so, the habit of drinking has seen more and more social acceptability and has been an important part of a social gathering almost all over the world. Occasional or infrequent drinking is perceived as fun and as a substance that reduces stress.


Almost all of us can be found reaching for one glass of wine or one drink of scotch after a particularly stressful day. And research has proved that some alcohol like red wine is even good for the heart as long as it is taken in small quantities from time to time. However, the problem arises when those infrequent drinks become more and more frequent and instead of a glass of wine, people start to reach out for the entire bottle rather than the glass.

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 Stats about alcoholism 


While alcohol is available and consumed almost the same in every country (barring some middle-eastern countries such as The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, etc.), there are certain countries which are drinking more than the others. Western Europe and Australia are two regions where consumption of alcohol is very high. Places like North Africa do have the availability of alcohol but tend to not drink as much as the rest of the world. Alcohol intake is highest in parts of Europe where 14 to 17 litres of alcohol is being consumed per person. In terms of gender, men are more likely to drink much more alcohol than women. 




Causes of alcoholism


 Alcoholism is a widely studied field and there are lots of theories that go around it. While no two people have the same drinking habits, there are certain elements or factors that are common to all heavy drinkers, or alcoholics. 


 1. Biological Factors or Reasons


Studies have shown that there is a close link between genetics or physiology with one’s drinking habits. If your family has had a history of heavy drinking or drinking problems, there is a slight chance that you might be more prone to drinking problems than someone who has no such problems.


 From a physiology perspective, there are some people who tend to feel a strong impulse to continue drinking even if others think they should stop. Alcohol consumption releases dopamine, which is felt in the body as pleasure. For some people more than others, this rush of dopamine is a lot stronger than normal which makes them go for the bottle time and again. 


 2. Environmental Factors or Reasons


 This might not sound obvious but it doesn't make it any less true. A person’s environment, in terms of the person living close to shops or bars selling alcohol or a person staying in an area where they are bombarded with alcohol advertisements, tends to develop bad drinking habits than the rest. Of course, self-restraint plays a huge role and not everyone who stays near a bar can be called an alcoholic. Studies have also shown that people who come from affluent families or backgrounds tend to drink more than others. We will help you to not get affected of these environmental factors at our nasha mukti centre.


 3. Social Factors or Reasons


 A person’s immediate social surrounding has a huge impact on such a thing. A child who has seen a lot of alcohol abuse is more prone to develop dangerous drinking habits. Studies have shown that peer pressure in school, college or early developmental years also exponentially increases your chances of becoming an alcoholic.

 Take an easy U-turn to quit alcoholism


 If you are trying to cut back on your alcohol or understand that you have a serious problem, the below-mentioned tips can really help you out:


1. Take an easy U-turn to quit alcoholism by not stocking any in your house. The more alcohol that is available to you, the more chances of you binging on it. 


 2. Do not let emotional moments take away control. Emotional moments whether happy or sad can be a little overwhelming which might want you to reach out for a drink but that is a slippery slope. Instead, celebrate doing something else or if something is troubling you, confide in a friend over a nice lunch.


 3. Stay away from drinking establishments. This is one of the simplest ways to take an easy U-turn to quit alcoholism. Bars and pubs can increase your chances of slipping. Instead, socialize elsewhere. Go watch a movie or meet for a nice dinner or even go for a drive. We at our nasha mukti kendra in Bhopal are helping people to indulge in such activities which is helping them to quit alcohol quickly.


 4. Do not hang out with your drinker friends very often. The company you keep is what will shape your life. By not hanging out with drinkers, you avoid any temptation to drink and you are able to take an easy U-turn to quit alcoholism.




 Alcoholism is a serious problem and sometimes you need nothing less than professional help. If you or someone you love struggles with alcohol, please reach out to the right people. While people who suffer from alcoholism might not always realize this but there is always a solution. Alcohol, unfortunately, is never a solution. Try and identify if you have a drinking problem and take steps towards avoiding it. Seek help and try to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

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Author: Rajan Tiwari
Date: 09 Sep 2019

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