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Here is How Drugs and Alcohol Affect Females

Females, as we all know, are more susceptible to alcohol than men because of the size of their bodies and the amount of water in their bodies. 

Alcohol strikes a female harder than males if they pour in the same amount as men do. But, why does it happen?

It is simply because the female body is slow in metabolizing alcohol in their system yet there are more men in Nasha Mukti Kendra Indore than women. 

If you are a woman, you need to know the effects of alcohol on your body so that any tragedy can be prevented. 

So, let’s delve into them. 

1. Breast Cancer

Like we mentioned above, a woman’s metabolism is slow to react and stabilize alcohol in the body which is why it can cause problems like breast cancer. 

If you want to know more about it you can visit centers like Sri Shuddhi Deaddiction Centre which provide Alcohol Addiction Treatment. They will brief you better on the pros and cons of alcohol. 

Moreover, alcohol can also play a major role in neck and head cancer that goes along with it. To prevent all such ailments, it is better to avoid drinking. 

2. Severely Harmful for Pregnant Women

Indore Drug Addiction Treatment centers have stated that a pregnant woman would cause severe damage to her unborn child even with a single drop of alcohol. 

If you are a regular drinker, it can even reduce your chances of ever becoming pregnant because it weakens the internal systems of a woman. 

Doctors suggest that if you have found out that you are pregnant, it is better to avoid any chemical substance that leaves you stoned. 

Doing drugs during your pregnancy period may be life-threatening as well. 

3. Affects Brain Health

Many Drug Addiction Treatment centers believe that excessive consumption of alcohol may result in brain damage for a woman. 
Alcohol shrinks that part of the brain that is connected to memory and learning which is why for a woman who consumes alcohol in excess, assessing the information and remembering names becomes difficult. 

Because alcohol kills the important cells in the brain, a woman faces memory loss, lack of grasp over information and also lacks accuracy in doing the daily stuff.

Also, the baby of a female chain smoker or drinker might come into this world with a lot of defects and inabilities. 

4. Depression & Heart Failures

Experts who are treating patients at the Rehabilitation Center in Indore believe that excess alcohol can lead a woman to depression and anxiety. 

It might slow the brain functioning down which is why a woman may get various mood swings as well. 

Speaking of heart, it can cause cardiomyopathy in a woman which is a disease related to the heart muscle. It can disturb the heart rhythms as well causing arrhythmias. 

All these effects aggravate even more in relatively older women whose metabolic state is on a serious downfall. 


After looking at the points mentioned above you might have got an idea about the problems you can face as a regular drinker. 

Here are a few takeaways which experts at Nasha Mukti Center like Sri Shuddhi Deaddiction Centre suggest you must follow-:

 Do not spend much time with the people who drink. 
 Never keep a bottle of alcohol near you. 
 If drinking in excess, consult a doctor.
 Always remember you are bigger than your addiction. 
 Invest your time in exercising and keeping your body fit.

Finally, if you are already suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, you can seek help at Sir Shuddhi Deaddiction Centre by visiting their website. They are always ready to help.

Author: Rajan Tiwari
Date: 09 Dec 2019

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