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Countering and Restraining the Spread of Intoxicants

Countering and Restraining the Spread of Intoxicants

The Vast Spread of Substance Abuse

The spread of substance abuse has ballooned extensively within our country in the last few years. Every story about substance abuse starts in the exact same way as the other. You might be out there trying it out for the first time or using it alleviates your pain. However, before you know it, you become completely dependent on it to sustain your normalcy. And the continued consumption ultimately leads you over to the abyss of destruction. However, the bright side to all such problems is that they are perfectly curable. 

A Myriad Range of Substances

There are numerous substances out there which are abused by people. This article covers the following commonly abused substances: 


Description The tobacco plant originally started in South America. From there, it grew and spread all around the world. Tobacco is highly addictive which is consumed either by smoking, such as in cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or either by dipping and chewing. 

Causes –Whatever the method of consumption be, tobacco usage is highly deadly in nature. Not only does it cause disease and disability, but it also shapes up various forms of cancer such as heart, respiratory, and other such diseases. We are providing nasha mukti medicine for this major problem.

Withdrawal Symptoms –While recovering from tobacco addiction, people go through a wide range of irritability, lack of sleep, decreased appetite, anxiety.

Treatment – The two most common modes of treating tobacco addiction are:

• Patch –Also referred to as a nicotine replacement therapy, the patch is a small bandage-like sticker, applied to a certain area of the body. It delivers small quantities of nicotine that gradually allows the body to wean off the addiction. 

• Nicotine Gum –The nicotine gum is another form of nicotine replacement therapy. A   Nicotine gum also delivers small quantities of nicotine that not only manages their cravings but also satisfies their oral fixation.


Description –Sedatives are prescribed for of intoxicants which perform various curative properties for anxiety, sleeplessness, seizures, etc. However, they also have a dark side. Their ability to produce euphoric effects becomes a form of addiction and dependence. Sedatives are usually partaken by swallowing or by injecting them. 

Causes –Sedatives can cause a wide range of problems. In the short-term, they can cause concentration, confusion, dizziness, drowsiness, slowed breathing, and such. In the long-term, they cause hallucinations, serious cravings, increased heart rate, and sweating. 

Withdrawal Symptoms –Patient recovering from sedatives face synonyms that include seizures, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, muscle shaking, and depression. 

Treatment –The procedure for treating sedative addiction isn't as easy as treating tobacco. It starts with a detoxifying process to stop drug consumption and forego your dependency on the drug. Once you are done, you need to start a rehabilitation process to treat the psychological addiction to the drug. This is done to address the long-term effects of the addiction.


Description –Belonging to the category of cannabinoids, marijuana is another massively abused drug. Often referred to as dope, ganja, and weed, marijuana is primarily consumed due to its ability to make people feel a sense of relaxation. Marijuana is consumed usually by inhalation, oral ingestion, or even by sublingual methods in which it is placed below the tongue and held in the mouth. 

Causes –Marijuana causes various unhealthy effects on the bodies of people including slowed reaction time, increased heart rate, memory loss, anxiety, panic attacks, and even psychosis. Additionally, it also affects your physical self in the form of coughs and frequent respiratory infections.

Withdrawal Symptoms –The withdrawal symptoms that affect humans while reducing the consumption of marijuana include headaches, chills, irritability, depression, shakiness, fever, restlessness, difficulty in sleep, tiredness, and low appetite.

Treatment –There are two primary forms of marijuana treatment. These forms Drug Addiction Treatment include:

• Cognitive-behavioral therapy –A cognitive-behavioral therapy involves psychotherapy for helping people to identify and correct problematic behaviors to enhance self-control and stop continued usage. 

• Contingency Management – Contingency management is a therapeutic management approach in which the patient is subjected to a period of monitoring for finding out if he or she goes back to addiction.


Description –Even though it is unlike any other intoxicant, in this article, alcohol addiction is an addiction all the same. And it highly affects people due to their addiction. Alcohol addiction occurs when people start to consume copious quantities of alcohol to counter situations that include peer pressure, low self-esteem, high levels of stress, or even due to such a family culture. 

Causes –Alcohol abuse causes a wide range of effects on the body. These effects include conditions such as infertility, liver damage, heart damage, lung infection, fatigue, malnutrition, numbness, etc. 

Withdrawal Symptoms – There are various withdrawal symptoms that are caused owing to the continued usage of alcohol. These symptoms include situations such as shakiness, sweating, loss of appetite, agitation, restlessness, irritability, etc.

Treatment – Alcohol addiction is one of the easiest forms of addictions which can be treated. The most important requirement for Alcohol Addiction Treatment is a supportive environment that includes limited contact with people, healthy food and lots of fluids, soft lighting, and a quiet environment around the patient. You will get supportive environment at our sharab mukti kendra.


Description – Heroin is a form of opioid whose main constituent is the pain medication morphine. It is a natural substance which is obtained from the various poppy plants that are grown in the Southeast and Southwest Asia. Heroin is highly addictive due to its ability to bind to the opioid receptors and produce intense feelings of pain and pleasure. It is consumed either by injecting, smoking, or snorting. 

Causes –When people use heroin, they are initially met with an intense feeling of pleasure. With time, they also face a dry mouth, a warm flushing of the skin, nausea, and vomiting. In the long-term, the intoxicant causes insomnia, abscesses, infection, damaged tissues inside noses, lung complications, sexual dysfunction for men and irregular menstrual cycles for women. We at nasha mukti kendra in India providing powerful treatment for this problem.

Withdrawal Symptoms –There are various withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin addiction that include nausea, abdominal pain, sweating, shaking, nervousness, agitation, muscle spasms, and cravings.

The Role Played by Shri Shuddhi Deaddiction Centre

The Shri Shuddhi Deaddiction Centre plays a massive role when it comes to helping people to overcome their addiction to drugs. By combining an extensive range of principles that we have gathered from programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, yoga, meditation, psychological treatment, group therapy, and panchakarma. It is owing to such a comprehensive form of treatment that our rehabilitation centre in Bhopal can help people in attaining complete relief from drug addiction. Moreover, with our program at government nasha mukti kendra, they enable the addict to understand and accept their situation, allowing them to start their journey towards their self-improvement.


Author: Rajan Tiwari
Date: 21 Aug 2019

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