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Physical and Mental Behaviors of Alcoholic Individual

Alcoholics are essentially sick people. In today's world, we are witnessing a lot of emotional turmoil because of which people are moving towards Alcohol. Now, even a small discomfort urges people to have a drink or two. This is a bad situation to be in. Drinking too much liquor causes the human body to function abnormally. If anyone in family member get addicted to alcohol and their activities are noticed by their loved one then they comes in contact with sharab mukti Kendra or we can say Government nasha mukti kendra
Here are some of the physically abnormal behaviors you can observe in an alcoholic to keep yourself on the safer side.

 Slipping of Tongue: Generally, regular drinkers experience slipping of the tongue. They are not able to form sentences correctly.
Why does that happen?
This is because while a person is drunk, the toxins interact with the neurons in the brain. It dismantles the acid production in the brain causing the human tongue to slip.
 Reddish Eyes: You might have witnessed people having eyes slightly on a reddish side. This means that they are drunk. 
Why does that happen?
This is because alcohol makes more blood flow through the blood vessels by dilating it. 
 Uneven Body Movements: If someone is making involuntary movements, he might well be drunk and you need to keep a distance from him.  
Why does that happen?
This happens because the brain is not able to work at the same pace. The processes slow down and it hangs causing the body to make uneven movements. 
 Bad Breath: A person who is not in his senses will have a false odor coming out of his mouth. 
Why does that happen?
This is because the saliva production in the mouth becomes less and the odor-causing bacteria increases. 

So, these were some of the physical behaviors that you would experience.
What about the mental side of things?
Well, let's talk about it-:
 Lack of Focus: Typically, a drunken person is bound to have very little focus on anything. 
Why does that happen?
This is because alcohol causes the brain to slow the processing down. This also harms one's memory as they are no longer able to remember multiple things.

The brain stops its recording processes in the memory. 
 Bad Decision Making: When a person is drunk, he is not able to make correct or better decisions.
Why does that happen?
This is because the brain is not able to process the information correctly and, as a result, one's ability to think decreases drastically. 
 Unnecessary Fighting: Have you observed people who drink, tend to get aggressive on small things in life? It is the sign that they are not worthy enough to be friends with. 
Why does that happen?
This happens because of the prefrontal cortex changes in the brain. Excessive drinking can cause a person to have these type of behaviors quite frequently.
 Craving: An alcoholic cannot live without drinking; now and then he wants to drink liquor. 
Why does that happen?
Well, this happens because every time one drinks, a chemical called dopamine starts releasing in the brain which eventually makes the person feel good about them.
Due to excessive drinking, the brain's chemical functioning alters and to avoid bad feeling one craves for alcohol.
So, do you have anyone who has similar behaviors as mentioned in the above points?
What are you doing to keep yourself away from them?

The situation is getting worse day by day. There are students, high officials, labourers and business man – consumers of alcohol. When the alcohol start affecting their health, they start looking for alcohol addiction treatment, nasha mukti centre and nasha mukti medicines

Author: Rajan Tiwari
Date: 14 Oct 2019

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