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National and Private Initiatives on Drug Demand Reduction across the Globe

Drugs, it is a common problem which communities across the globe are facing. There are legal drugs that are sold as medication by the hospitals and there are illegal drugs that are quite dangerous to the human body. Various government organizations are trying to limit the usage of illegal drugs as new viruses and infections are being registered due to the consumption of a variety of illegal drugs.

National and private institutions are coming up with Drug Demand reduction programs where it will help in reducing the consumption of illegal drugs, create awareness and provide rehabilitation programs.

The rising problem of Narcotic drugs:

Effect on Health:

Constant use of Narcotic drugs can lead to various health issues like heart disease, lung disease, hallucinations, hepatitis and more. If a person is using the same syringe with other, it can also lead to AIDS or HIV.
Drug addiction is an illness that is caused due to using the drug for the long term; this also leads to mental illness along with other brain disorders. Drug addiction treatment plays very important role with proper care.

Effect on Social life:

Usage of Narcotic drugs can lead to making decisions that might hurt others; drug addiction might affect your relationship with your family, friends, and co-workers negatively. As mental health is not stable after taking drugs, people might end up behaving violently towards their loved ones and it can also lead to financial problems, violence, and crimes.
Since the drugs are sold at a very high price, people end up killing or start selling drugs in order to obtain it for themselves. We do provide the best nasha mukti medicine in both cases like major or minor.

Drug Demand Reduction Program:

Government agencies and private organizations are coming up with various programs in order to reduce drug usage, as well as the demand for drugs. Using narcotic drugs is not the main problem as there is a high demand for drugs in the market.
With the change in lifestyle and complex work life, people are not able to keep up with the stress and anxiety in their life. This type of lifestyle is causing depression amongst a huge amount of people who don't know how to deal with anxiety. In this situation, the nasha mukti centre provides consultation and treatment services to badly addicted individuals. This eventually leads to people trying narcotic drugs who also end up being drug addicts after using it twice or thrice.

How does the Drug Demand Reduction program work?

Educational Programs:

Drug Trafficking is becoming a rising problem as many drug traffickers are using kids as the middlemen to deliver the drugs. Many kids have died in this process of delivering the drugs or while consuming these drugs. Various initiatives like free educational sessions across private, public and government schools are being organized across the countries. We at nasha mukti kendra Bhopal deeply engaged in awareness, treatment and multiple other social activities to ask our citizens to stop drugs and alcohol.
In India, Private and government organizations are releasing campaign videos via famous YouTube channels (which youngsters follow) and are trying to find new ways to reach out to the younger generation, so that they are aware of the dangerous effects of drug usage.

Creating community:

There are various communities being created across the states in India who are spreading awareness about the laws for Narcotic drug usage and are setting up group therapy sessions for drug addicts.
This will help people, especially the younger generation; realize that they are not the only ones suffering through the loss of loved one, depression, anxiety, and other emotional disorder.

Awareness through Sale:

Tobacco is the most commonly used drug that is not considered as narcotics since it is present in cigarettes. But the government has issued an act which states that the tobacco or cigarette production company has to promote the dangers caused by tobacco, how can it damage the lungs and how it can lead to death.

This act has led to creating awareness amongst youngsters and the general public equally. Even before airing a movie in a theatre, a warning documentary is played so that from kids to adults, all are equally aware of the effects of tobacco. People often searches and ask this nasha mukti kendra ka number for the treatments of their addicted relatives. Also, multiple times people found searching nasha mukti kendra near me on search engines for the consultation and help.

What is the main reason for youngsters using narcotic drugs?

The youngsters these days are not able to keep up with the change in environment, the stress, and anxiety of the school and pressure at home. All this leads to kids trying drugs after hanging out with wrong peers. Some don't try after using drugs once, but some end up being addicted to drugs. Government agencies and private organizations are coming up with rehab centres and counselling centres so that people who are addicted to drugs can start over with their new life and people how are scared that they would end up trying drugs would have someone to talk to, someone who would help them deal with their emotions. Our expert team members always participate in Bhopal drug addiction treatment awareness program on different level.
Since the Indian government understands that the competition between kids these days is becoming fiercer and they are not able to control or vent out their emotions; they are coming up with new programs to give them a hand. The Indian government has also recommended all schools and colleges to hire a counsellor, who would help the youngsters vent out their problems in the right manner.

Author: Rajan Tiwari
Date: 07 Oct 2019

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