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How to Quiet Social Anxiety without Alcohol?

Scientifically speaking, we live in an open system with the interaction between the system and the surroundings. There is no escaping from social interactions. However, it is well known and observed that not every one of us is a big fan of socializing. For some of you socializing might be very stressful. 

This might be possibly due to the fear of being judged by people negatively. No one of us wants to be judged by people, for some of us it is much more dreadful that they try to find ways to escape from social embarrassment. The easiest of escaping found by people is alcohol. Little they know that they are pushing themselves into this vicious trap of alcohol addiction

Speaking in medical terms, this fear of social gatherings and interaction with people is grouped under social anxiety. This is a mental health problem and can be cured by psychological help. Social anxiety or social phobia is still the third largest mental health in the world today. All this is even though there is a cure to it.

Well, this is because people neglect their mental health. Everybody today is driven towards attaining good physical health and appearance. What about mental health? A person is said to be healthy when he/she is physically, mentally and socially fit. We often neglect the most important aspect, mental health.

However, it is good to see some people being aware of this and trying to make this world a better place where everyone is in a good place, physically and mentally.
There are several centers established to help you fight your social anxiety and stop using alcohol as a means of escaping social anxiety.

Sharab mukti Kendra and Nasha Mukti centers are established for the same in India as well. These are rehabilitation centers build to give alcohol addiction treatment. Nasha muskti Kendra in India provides the people addicted to alcohol, Nasha Mukti medicines. These centers have successfully shaped the lives of hundreds of people and eager to help more of them. It is you who have to realize what you are going through or help your known in realizing what they are going through. The awareness about the therapy provided by these kendra must be widespread to cure alcohol addicted individuals.

You can contribute and help your known by advising them to use alternatives instead of alcohol to combat social anxiety. Let’s know some:

1. Do deep breathing when you feel your heart is racing because of the nervousness.
2. Go outside and get some fresh air to clear your mind.
3. Step aside for a bit to take a moment for you alone.
4. Tell your brain that you are doing great without alcohol and you got this. Constantly              motivating yourself helps a lot.
5. Before actually going on to the event picture yourself in the event, socializing.
6. It is always good to start talking to people you know.

All the above techniques will surely help you to overcome social anxiety. However, if the condition is severe then one is advised to seek psychological help. Psychologists provide a rational therapy. Cognitive-behavioral (rational) therapy helps the individual to see things through a different perspective and stop being awkward around people.
Going through the therapy helps the person to escape from the fear of being misjudged by others.

You need to understand that, you are what you are and nobody’s opinion matters. A life lived in the fear of other’s opinions is not a life lived. So, analyze the situation you are in and if you think you might be suffering mental health problems, go out and seek medical help.

Author: Rajan Tiwari
Date: 16 Dec 2019

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