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Depression Due to Failures in Life

Life is a journey we are destined to be in, to enjoy every bit of it. However, it is certainly impossible to be happy always. It is pretty obvious to be unhappy and upset, of the failures you encounter. Failures are not always experienced in the workplace or studies; one can experience failures in relationships as well.

The building of stress, anxiety and mood swings due to these failures initiates the rise of depression in an individual.

Depression is a pool of sadness, anger and loss which extensively interferes with your mundane activities. The worst part of being held up by depression is you don’t really know if you are depressed or not. Though, some people are smart enough to validate their feelings and seek medical help.

Points that would help you to know if you’re actually depressed or not:

1. You wake up exhausted. It is not necessarily physical exhaustiveness but mental.
2. You are facing difficulty in finding the motivation to start your day.
3. You get irritated by the smallest of things.
4. Difficulty in concentrating at work.
5. Feeling of emptiness in life.
6. Anger management issue.
7. The sudden burst of sadness.
8. Facing sleeping disorders.

If any of the above symptoms are being experienced by you then you might be depressed. Once you know you’re currently experiencing any of it, make sure to seek medical help. You ought to know that the most important thing in the world is you. Nothing is worth it if it disturbs you physically or mentally. You should analyse and validate your feelings.
There are many causes which can lead to depression, failure being the one major aspect. Not everyone can take failures very positively and this leads to depression in such individuals. You should know that if you hadn’t encountered failure you would have never known the great feeling success gives.

Depression being a social stigma in our society, it is hard for some people to seek medical help. This might be the reason that India has the highest rate of suicides in the world. It is the depression left uncured which propel the individuals in doing so. Considering this, the establishment of many rehabilitation centres and depression treatment centres has been started and some already exist in full functioning.

Alcohol is one of the causes of depression and this is why many rehabilitation centres have been established to help in combating depression. Rehabilitation centre in Bhopal is one such place where you can find your inner peace and strength to fight depression. The centre assures you that you are not alone in this fight. You do stand a chance of getting back into life with the same energy and light. Depression treatment centre Indore does the same work. All these centres are established to make people realize the importance of good mental health.

It is believed that sorrows are divided by being shared and this is certainly true. Gulping out everything that you are feeling helps to shed the burden off your shoulders and the doctor is able to analyse your feelings and provide the required treatment. The depression medication centres provide intensive psychotherapy to the people in need. The therapy involves growth in an individual. The growth helps in overcoming this disorder and see life optimistically.
People need to be made aware about the disorder. Though, there has been a sudden increase in awareness about depression, as many celebrities are coming up and sharing their stories. This has helped zillions of people because knowing that you’re not alone in it and it can be cured makes people believe in the concept of life again.

The silver lining is, “Never ever let the fear of being teased by the society, hold you back. You deserve to be happy and enjoy every moment of your life.”

Author: Rajan Tiwari
Date: 13 Dec 2019

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