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Decontaminating: The Polluted Human Body

Decontaminating: The Polluted Human Body


Intoxicants – be it alcohol, weed, heroin, or other drugs – play a bizarre role in our lives. Even though they negatively affect the brain and our body, a lot of youstill keep consuming it owing to their addiction to the effects that such intoxicants produce on the body. There are various reasons why people abuse their bodies with intoxicants. 

A few such instances are: 

They want to feel good. 
They want to stop feeling bad due to a drastic event or cause.
They presume that such substances may improve their performance. 
They do it just to satisfy their curiosity regarding such substances.

We are providing powerful treatment of all these major issues at our Nasha Mukti Kendra.

The Effect of Drugs on Our Bodies

Amongst all the reasons, the first reason is the most common one. All intoxicants excite our brains and make it feel good. As a result, they keep consuming it time and again. What they fail to realize is that their brains get used to the substances. As a result, they keep on consuming more and more to keep feeling good. And it is due to this that they get caught in the cycle of constant substance abuse which they are unable to get out of. Even if they try to quit, they start to feel sick, awful, anxious, and irritable. In fact, they need to keep abusing their bodies or they start to feel the aforementioned withdrawal symptoms again. And this is what sets them to a path of destruction. 

The Process of Decontamination 

One organization which has been constantly fighting the war against such intoxicants is Shri Shuddhi Deaddiction Centre Bhopal. The organization understands the reason why there is so much prevalence of intoxicants in the market. It is due to the fast-paced, stressful lifestyle which we live in. And it is to help people decontaminate their bodies and move towards a brighter future that they provide two ways of decontamination, namely: 
1. Panchakarma
2. The 12 Steps for Deaddiction


Panchkarma refers to a major purification treatment dealing particularly in alcohol treatment. The treatment has been vastly prevalent in the field of Ayurveda. Panchkarma effectively cleanses the body from all the toxins that prevail in the body by performing a combination of five different therapies. These include vomiting, purgation, nerves, vasti, and blood pressure. As the addict goes through the process, he learns the art of balancing his life and removing the stress and disease that prevail in his body. We provide an effective panchakarma treatment at our rehabilitation centre in Bhopal.

The 12 Steps for Deaddiction

The 12 Steps for Deaddiction at our nashamukti centre deals with twelve steps that enable the patients to get over their intoxication addiction.
These steps are: 
Asked God 
Amends List 
Foundation building 
Improvement of Conscious Contact 
Helping Others


Even though these are highly effective processes, it is quite easy for the addict to fall back into his old routine. They very likely lose control over their bodies. However, by continuing their treatment at our nashamukti kendra, Bhopal and adhering to the plan set, they can avoid problematic situations and help them to easily get over their addiction and lead a healthy and purified life.

Author: Rajan Tiwari
Date: 20 Aug 2019

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